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Origin, Growth and Human Values

Levitec is a company that, from its inception, has created and developed new lines of business focusing on:

  • Electrical and mechanical installation projects in the Logistics, Industrial, and Tertiary sectors.
  • Renewable energies.
  • Self-consumption.
  • Data Centers.
  • Comprehensive maintenance of installations.

We offer management and monitoring of each project from the initial phase, with qualified professionals to ensure maximum quality and efficiency through to the after-sales service. Currently, the company operates throughout the national territory.

Our goal is to continue global growth with a new business vision focused on sustainability and human value. We benefit from highly skilled and experienced sector experts who contribute to Levitec’s sustained evolution.

At Levitec, we are always ready to face new challenges.

2002 The Origin

The origin of Levitec Sistemas, S.L is to be found in 2002 in the province of Huesca. It started as a company managed by two self-employed electricians, focusing on the development of electrical projects for medium and low voltage in the logistics and industrial sectors.Its beginnings coincide with the awarding of a first major contract. "Never would have we imagined what we would achieve when our sole purpose, as local electricians,  was to have a job in our land to be close to our families," according to the words of Pablo Lera, founding partner and current Executive President of the company.

2003 - 2005. Consolidation of the Company

These years were crucial for consolidating the company with emblematic projects in Aragon such as the Delicias Intermodal Station and an electrification, automation, and supervision contract for the Cinco Villas canal (60 km) among others.

2009 - 2010. Our Added Value

In February 2009, the first engineer joined the company. Since then, our staff has become our differential value in the sector. An office was opened in Zaragoza.In 2010, Jaime Galindo became a partner after several years working in our Technical Commercial Area. That year he managed to execute over 50,000 m2 of logistics and industrial sector projects.

2012. Mechanical Installations and H&M Madrid

In 2012, after 10 years of growth, the company initiates a diversification process and creates the Mechanical Installations Department, developing air conditioning and HVAC projects.In the same year, Levitec signed the first project for a complete installation for the textile group H&M in Torrejón (Madrid) in a logistics platform of 40,000 m2. This project confirmed the professionalism with which the company always approaches new projects, optimizing technical and economic options to offer clients the best solutions, while meeting established deadlines.

2013 - 2015. Internationalization

2013 was the year of the first steps towards the internationalization of the company. Levitec partnered with Madec Electricité, a leading company in France with over 50 years of experience in commercial sector installations (the partnership is now dissolved).During these years, our workers traveled to execute projects, not only to France but also to Italy, Germany, and Portugal.

2016 Levitec Takeoff

In 2016, significant milestones were reached that shaped the future of the company such ax the opening of an office in Madrid to have a physical presence nationally outside of Aragon. Levitec experienced exponential growth with a turnover of over 12 million euros.For Levitec Management, its teams have always been the company's greatest asset. In 2016, introduced and implemented Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Processes for its workers to prioritize talent.

2017 - 2018. First Recognitions

Levitec began to be recognized first at the regional level and then at the national level.In 2017, it received the Aragon Business Huesca Award, and in 2018, it was selected for the ADEA Directors' Award.The company's strong presence in the Eastern area of Huesca province; Barbastro, Binéfar, Monzón, and throughout the Litera area, lead to the decision to open a new office in Binéfar.

2019 - 2020. The Transformation Begins

The company implements  a transformation and internal restructuring. In 2019, it was decided to take a step further and make sustainable development one of the main pillars of the company by incorporating the Renewable Energies Department into the company's functional structure.In the same year, through ESIC Business & Marketing School and Expansión, Levitec was recognized as a "Case of Aragonese Success." A key project executed that year was the Litera Meat Slaughterhouse Project, successfully completing the electrical and mechanical installations of the largest slaughterhouse in Europe, coordinating up to 100 people simultaneously on the same project.In 2020, other lines of business such as maintenance and self-consumption were enhanced and developed. José Agustín Lalaguna joined the Executive Board as CEO, and Levitec signed a corporate agreement with Forestalia.

2020-2021 A New Levitec

From the beginning, Levitec's has experimented a consistent and  continuous growth in both project execution and turnover. At Levitec, there is an utmost concern for the customers, suppliers, and workers as the key stakeholders and drivers of improvement and growth of the company.As of July 31, 2021, there are 170 direct employees in the company, of which 74 are specialized engineers, plus more than 250 people working for the company indirectly. In the new Levitec that is being forged, there is a corporate image change in 2021, both in the corporate brand and its website and interaction channels with society.In October 2021, we received the Talent Employment Aragon Award in the SME category, recognizing us as a company that creates stable, quality employment and supports the development of workers.Levitec has evolved into a company that champions transparency, sustainability, and social commitment.

2022 New Business Line and Portugal

On Levitec`s 20th anniversary, the company has 250 workers and more than 2,000 loyal customers.The Data Center business line  was born that year and was immediately awarded four projects where our engineering work plays a relevant role in both the technical-commercial and project execution areas.We start operating in Portugal. The commitment to carry out projects in the Portuguese country becomes a reality again after several years of operating only in the national territory.In June, His Majesty King Felipe VI presents us with the Special Aragon Company Award 2022 granted by CEOE Aragon for being a company in constant economic growth.

2023 From SME to Large Company

We ended the year with more than 300 employees, of which 14 belong to our headquarters in Portugal. This increase in our workforce reflects our commitment to operational excellence, customer satisfaction, and the ability to offer leading solutions in all our business units.As a testament to our commitment to excellence and corporate social responsibility during this year, we have been recognized with several distinctions:1 - Award for Business Trajectory in the Energy Sector.2 - Award for Best Practices in Diversity Management, Interculturality, and Migration in Aragon.3 - Distinction for our exemplary collaboration in teaching work and our contribution to talent development and employability.

We are committed to being sustainable

With the environment, with our workers, and our customers

The trajectory and evolution of LEVITEC have led us to rethink our business vision. The planet needs processes committed to the environment and society. We provide renewable solutions and carry out social actions.